Mice And Rats - Have They Infested Your Home?

Mice And Rats - Have They Infested Your Home?

Author: Mike White


There are lots of people who shiver at the thought of ever having a problem related to a mouse or rat, and yet if only they knew how prolific these pests really are.

The most virulent species tend to be the black rat which is also known as the ships rat but numbers have died down over the generations and they are not as prevalent as they were historically. These days the most common pest are the brown rat and the house mouse.

Mice and rat pest control products and techniques have been developed over the years fortunately to eradicate these rodent\'s from most households.

A number of diseases can be implicated to rats as the carriers and this is probably why they are so despised, although some people keep them as pets. The disease that most people will remember being taught at school though is about bubonic plague which ravaged England in the 17th century, continuing to about 1910.

Thankfully the disease is now eradicated but there are some parts of the world where it is still present. It is believed to have come from fleas on the black rat that carried it thankfully today there is a reduced risk of the plague around the world, but none the less these visitors are definitely not welcomed in most houses or food establishments.

One of the biggest concern when it comes to potential exposure to disease by rats is held by people who are often exposed to water for example sewer workers, they are exposed the serious risk of Weil\'s disease so need to take extra precautions.

The risk to the home is not restricted to disease however, as damage to the home can be considerable as these rodents have incisor teeth that do not stop growing, so to wear them down they will chew on anything.

Mice can also produce huge numbers of offspring and produce even more if the conditions are ideal, one pair could produce 2,000 young per year so take action early as these pests are a lot harder to eradicate once established so sorting the problem as soon as possible is highly advised.

Home pest control is essential to keep your house free from infestation. You can find lots of useful pest control advice and pest control products on our website

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