Fleas - What You Need To Know About Advantage Flea Medicine

Fleas - What You Need To Know About Advantage Flea Medicine


Author: Ferdinand Okeke

If you have a pet that is constantly scratching, Advantage flea medicine should be able to help. Through halting the pervasion of fleas and eliminating the ones that try to bite your pet, you will be capable of working at freeing your pets and home of these troublesome pests. It is very important the fleas are removed from your home, as they can carry diseases and cause discomfort to dogs, cats, as well as humans.

Advantage flea medicine is simple to apply. Either in pill or lotion format, you treat your pet with the medications. The pet then absorbs the medication into their blood stream. When a flea bites them or comes in contact with the medication, they are poisoned. This prevents them from reproducing, which will lead to the demise of the flea. By cutting their reproductive cycle and the number of fleas, you can use your pet as a flea removal tool.

Advantage flea medicine can be used year round, but it is suggested that for those who do not want to treat their pets all of the time, it can be applied for many weeks before the commencing of flea season, which usually begins in April, so it is recommended that you start treatments as early as march. Medication should continue until after flea season has ended, which occurs in December. As a result of this, only January and February are reasonably safe for your pets to remain untreated.

Assuming you have a flea problem, Advantage flea medication can help remove the problem. Nonetheless, this method takes time. If you have a serious infestation, you may need to use flea foggers or other products to speedily get rid of fleas. As flea bites can linger for over two weeks, fleas can cause a great deal of discomfort for both yourself and your pets. Because fleas will bite anything that is warm with blood, they are also leading agents for the spread of diseases. While they are not quite as good at transmitting diseases than an airborne carrier such as the mosquito, it is still a concern worth addressing.

What Advantage flea medication can do for you is prevent an infestation from occurring. This is particularly vital if your pet goes outside, as the majority of flea infestations begin with a pet who has gone outside and has brought so much as a single flea indoors.

Whenever you try to remove flea infestation, you should make sure of disposing the items, such as vacuum bags, where fleas may breed

Ferdinand Okeke is the writer of How To Protect Your Pets From Fleas

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