Tips to Get Rid of Night Bug Bites in Bed

Tips to Get Rid of Night Bug Bites in Bed


Author: Tom Says

It might not be your imagination that you have night bug bites in bed. They could really be around, in which case, you have to get rid of them fast. Here are a couple of tips that can help banish these nasty bugs.

Recognize the Bugs

Some people can go on getting bitten without knowing what bed bugs look like. The first real step to solving your problem though is to recognize the bugs that need exterminating. Bed bugs are brown in color, oval and have flat bodies. They usually grow no bigger than of an inch. They move quickly but it can leave traces of its presence. In the morning your sheets might contain small bloodstains, fecal stains or discarded shells. You would also know if bed bugs are around if you have a cluster of raised bumps on your skin.

Locate the Bugs

If you wake up and you just can\'t find the bugs, you might not be looking in the right places. The first place to look for them would be around and under your mattress. Look into the folds, creases and linings of your mattress. They can also hide in the corners of your bed as well as in the spaces in between the wood frame. Aside from your bed, look for them too in chairs, couches, picture frames, wall paper, carpet, wall cracks and tables.

Prevent an Infestation

It\'s easy to find out what do bed bugs look like. It\'s an entirely different story though trying to figure out how they got into your room. Bed bugs can find their way into your bed if you bring in old furniture from garage sales that may carry bed bugs. The bugs could also have hitched a ride home with you from public inns or motels. This is why you should be choosy when it comes to picking out of town accommodations.

Eliminate Bed Bugs

It isn\'t always possible to avoid having bugs in your room. If you can\'t help having them, then you have to eliminate them.

- One full proof way would be to meticulously clean your room and then get a new mattress.

- Wash every single sheet on your bed or piece of fabric in your room with hot water.

- Items that cannot be washed in water should be sealed in plastic bags.

- Vacuum every area, crack, wall and corner of your room. Vacuum pieces of furniture too.

- You can use some chemicals to kill the bugs but some products are not safe for humans too. If your bedroom is the one that is infested, you may have to settle for natural bed bug elimination.

You don\'t need to put up a bed bug nymph picture wanted ad. You can find these bugs and kill them.

Know how to remove a bed bug. Find out how it looks like with a bed bug nymph picture.

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