Flea Infestation

Flea Infestation

Author: Donny Yu

If you suffer from a flea infestation, there are several exceptionable things you are enduring. Most notably, you will find flea bites becoming common. Flea bites are small bites that erupt through the surface of the skin, and tend to cause moderate to severe itching. If you are allergic to fleas, a skin rash may develop and the burn down itself can linger for several weeks. For pets, fur may fall out as the pet scratches at the bites, as well as the skin being damaged from the constant agitation. There are several ways to combat a flea infestation. First, you can treat your pets with products like Advantage and Front Line. These turn your pets into flea killers, as any flea that bites your pet is poisoned and killed. This will depress the number of fleas that can breed in your home.


Once you have made sure your pets are treated, you can combat a flea infestation by using chemicals or by making use of dehumidifiers to prevent the larvae from hatching. Chemicals should not be used in homes with pets, as they can be toxic to animals. Dehumidifiers will greatly reduce the number of larvae that hatch, which helps to limit the infestation. All of these methods should be used while also taking the time to vacuum and keep your home clean. When you vacuum, bags should be disposed of immediately, as the bags can provide excellent homes for larvae to hatch.

A flea infestation can have several consequences beyond you and your animals being bit. Fleas are carriers of diseases, transmitting a disease from one person or animal to another. As the fleas feed on blood, the diseases contained in blood can be transferred as the blood may mix with your own when a flea bites you. As fleas are able to promptly move from victim to victim, it is critical that any flea infestation is dealt with immediately.

If you have one flea in your home, chances are there are many more. Treat a single occurrence of a bite as serious, so the threat of the infestation growing to massive proportions is removed.

If controlling the flea infestation through use of pet medications and shampoos, you can get hold of a pest control agency for further assistance. This may be prudent in the case of massive infestations, as the level of uncomfortableness may be too much to suffer while the fleas are dealt with. If you are in a situation where you are getting a great deal of flea bites, you should get outside assistance immediately.

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Flea Infestation News

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Four officers investigating a burglary were attacked, not by a fleeing burglar, but a swarm of fleas in a filth-ridden vacant house. The tiny, biting attackers were so overwhelming that the South Bend patrolmen had to be decontaminated and ended up being