How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches


Author: Larry Gibbs

Cockroaches. One of the hardiest creatures on the planet. If you\'ve ever tried to kill one, you know just how terrible they can be. How are you supposed to kill an animal that can survive without its head? This article has a few answers for you.

You can exterminate cockroaches in two ways. You can poison them, or trap them live. These both work. Poisoning tends to be more effective, but leaves roach carcases all over your house. Live traps are much cleaner.

If you\'re looking to trap your roaches, you\'ll need some sort of sticky trap. You can either buy these at the store or make some yourself by rubbing petroleum jelly on the inside of a jar, or onto a board. If you\'re using the board option (most store bought traps work this way) you\'ll want to base them in cool, dark edges and corners. Think inside of cabinets. This is also a great way of seeing if you have roaches in the first place.

If you decide to go the poison route, you have several different methods to choose from. There are the typical roach motels, roach sprays, and other options. The best of these common ones is the roach motel style bait trap. This spreads the poison to all roaches in your house, and can be quite effective.

The best option of all, though, is to use boric acid. This can be bought at many grocery stores. It is a white powder that you will spread all over your house. Along baseboards, in dark corners, anywhere roaches like to hang out. This substance will stick to roaches and kill them. This is probably the most effective method of do it yourself roach control.

Of course, if all this sounds like a pain (and it is), you might want to simply call up a professional. Professional exterminators will use many of these same types of techniques, but with more expertise in the placement of the poisons. They also have some heavy duty substances they can use as a last resort.

So, I hope this gives you some idea of the different ways you can go about killing roaches. Nothing is perfectly effective, but using these methods should help you out in your quest to be roach free.

If you\'d like to learn more about how to kill roaches, please stop by and learn all about it.

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