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No more nit-picking? FDA approves lice treatment

When teachers open their classrooms to students this fall, they’re also inviting an unwanted guest: head lice. Any parent who’s gone several rounds with a nit comb and a squirming child knows how maddening it can be to fight the tiny, persiste


Alexandra and the Golden Straitjacket: A quest to save B.C.'s wild salmon |

Morton and her fellow scientists have built a strong case that pathogens from salmon farming are threatening wild salmon but the B.C.


Arizona allows Tea Party license plate

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Tea Party faithful in Arizona now can drive around with a new state license plate that they can call their own. Vehicle plates bearing the Gadsden Flag, coiled rattlesnake logo and "Don't Tread On Me" slogan that has become the clarion


Research: Oral Sex Puts Men at Risk for Oral Cancer

"We're looking at non-smokers who are predominantly white, upper middle class, college-educated men," Brian Hill, the executive director of the Oral Cancer Foundation, told AOL News by phone.


'Tree of lice' suggests mammals did OK under dinos

They may be irritating and harmful, but lice have their uses. A study of their evolution suggests that the parasitic lice that plague modern birds and mammals began diversifying while dinosaurs ruled the Earth.